Monetize Your Digital Audience

Do you have an App or a Website for the mass consumer market?

Naranya's advertising network is for you!

Allowing you to generate revenues and consumer insight by integrating your App and/or Website to our network.

How does it work?

If you like making more money out of your digital audience, you can do it!!

  1. Your digital property is configured with Naranya’s advertising tools.
  2. Naranya offers your advertising spaces to its customers.
  3. Campaigns are executed.
  4. Naranya bills advertisers and transfers the corresponding revenue share to your account.

Naranya’s offer

We will

  • Enable your digital property with Naranya’s advertising tools.
  • Find advertisers.
  • Manage and execute campaigns.

You will

  • Generate new revenue.
  • Generate consumer insight.
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