Reaching more than 100 million users has never been this easy

Naranya operates the largest independent Advertising Platform in Latin America

No matter if you are a Local, Regional or a Top 500 Global Brand

We can connect you to more than 100 million mobile users across 17 Latin American countries. Instantly, with the highest viewability and targeted.

Find your customers any where

Our Digital Media Properties

Have the flexibility to deliver your offer at the best possible moment right at your customer’s fingertips.

Claro Apps

  • Advertising format: Rich push notification
  • Viewability rate: 100%
  • Require user action: Yes
  • CTR: over 2%.
  • Business Model: CPM, CPC.

Claro Apps is America Movil’s App store, installed in over 100 million smartphones across Latin America.

1 Impression = 1 Unique user
100 million unique users!

  • Advertising format: 6 rotating positions in home page.
  • Require user action: No
  • CTR: over 2%.
  • Business Model: CPM, CPC.

Claro Apps’ banner spaces generate more than 20 million monthly impressions.

Naranya WiFi


  • Advertising format: Display, Coupon, Survey,  Video, Downloads, Social Networks
  • Require user action: Yes
  • Viewability rate: 100%
  • CTR: over 30%.
  • Business Model: CPE.

Naranya WiFi offers consumers free WiFi access in public and private networks owned by Naranya partners.

How does it work?
Users have to see an advertisement before navigating the Internet.

  • Advertising formats: Display
  • Require user action: No
  • CTR: over 2%.
  • Business Model: CPM, CPC

Naranya Adyuz is a Programmatic Advertising Agency that performs digital advertising campaigns for its customers, targeted and with effective results.

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With the right message to the right audience; Naranya Advertising’s targeting and segmentation tools provide a way to reach the customers you want.





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