Engage & Interact with your customers in a Digital and Innovative Way

Naranya has worked with consumer brands for more than 15 years.

Innovating on the interaction between digital & traditional marketing

By linking the dots within the consumer, brand and digital ecosystems, we have created multiple digital platforms leading us to build and consolidate innovation alternatives designed to increase market share, loyalty and revenues.

Mobile Advertising Campaigns

Monetize Digital Audiences

WiFi Network Marketing & Advertising Platform​

Building Digital Properties

Advertise your brand and products through Naranya’s digital media network.

We offer consumer brands a family of advertising platforms to be integrated to their network and handheld devices. We also offer to sell and manage the digital advertising inventory to advertisers and agencies, thus, establishing a new revenue stream.

We partner with consumer brands to build and monetize WiFi Networks, public and private, transforming them into a marketing and advertising platform that generates new revenue streams, becomes a source of consumer insight and a tool for consumer engagement.

Now, consumer brands can transform their content and services into digital properties to communicate and engage with consumers.

App & Digital Goods Marketplace - Digital Goods Merchant

Interactive Entertainment Formats

Interactive Loyalty and Sweepstakes Formats

Naranya offers consumer brands an app & digital goods marketplace to promote and distribute its digital properties.

Naranya offers consumer brands personalized omnimedia formats to entertain and engage with consumers.

Naranya offers consumer brands personalized loyalty and sweepstakes formats to entertain and engage with consumers.

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