Join the Subscription Economy

Do you have content or service designed for the mass consumer market?


Naranya's subscription service platform is for you!

We enable media companies, bloggers and influencers, service providers, entertainment brands, retailers & ecommerce, financial services companies, etc. to be part of the subscription economy and develop new revenue streams.

How does it work?

The consumers like your service, why not let them subscribe to it!

  1. Your digital good is advertised in the consumer market.
  2. Consumers subscribe to your service.
  3. The subscription operates under a recurrent billing model.
  4. Consumers pay with their cell phone’s balance, pre-paid and post-paid.

Naranya's offer

We will

  • Digitalize your content.
  • Integrate billing functionality.
  • Manage promotional marketing campaigns.
  • Bill consumer subscriptions.

You will

  • Generate new revenues.
  • Manage your content/service.
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