Digital Innovation for Government Entities

Naranya has worked within the digital ecosystem, across Latin America, for more than 15 years.

Innovating on Governance to increase value to Citizens

By linking the dots within the digital ecosystem, we have created multiple digital platforms and services leading us to build and consolidate government innovation alternatives designed to better communicate and interact with their citizens.

Mobile Advertising Campaigns

Free Internet for Citizens

Building Digital Properties

Advertise government services through Naranya’s digital media network.

Internet access became a human right. Citizens look for free WiFi access in public places. For the government, to provide free WiFi access in public places can be very expensive.

Today, through Naranya’s WiFi network marketing platform, it is possible to provide free WiFi access to citizens in public places at almost no cost to the government, advertising campaigns from advertisers and government entities can pay for it.

Naranya offers government entities the technological tools required to transform a WiFi Network into a powerful marketing platform with the capacity to generate citizen insight and, communicate, reach and engage citizens.

Now, government entities can transform their content and services into digital properties to communicate and engage with citizens.

Citizens can be informed about relevant government projects and happenings.

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