Increasing Revenues & Building Brand
through Digital Media & eCommerce

Naranya has worked within the mobile ecosystem, across Latin America, for more than 15 years.

Innovating to provide a better value to customers while increasing margins

By linking the dots in the mobile ecosystem and the digital world, we have created multiple business platforms, from entertainment and marketing to mobile commerce and advertising, leading us to build and consolidate OEM innovation alternatives designed to differentiate offerings, generate new revenues and increase margins.

Mobile Advertising Campaigns

Monetize Digital Audiences

Building Digital Properties

Subscription Service Platform

Apps & Digital Goods Marketplace - Store Owner

Advertise your devices and services through Naranya’s digital media network.

We offer OEMs a family of advertising platforms to be integrated to their handheld devices and then we also offer to sell and manage the digital advertising inventory to advertisers and agencies, thus, establishing a new revenue stream.

Now, OEMs can transform their content and services into digital properties to communicate and engage with consumers.

We help OEMs to take advantage of their distribution platforms to transform itself into a media company offering content and services under a subscription model to their customers. To enable this we integrate a portfolio of premium content and services in areas such as gaming, education, books, magazines, video, kids, financial services, discounts and loyalty, etc.

Naranya offers OEMs a turnkey white label apps and digital goods marketplace, including configuration, launch, marketing and operations management.

App & Digital Goods Marketplace - Digital Goods Merchant

Interactive Entertainment Formats

Interactive Loyalty and Sweepstakes Formats

Micro-payment Platform

Naranya offers OEMs an app & digital goods marketplace to promote and distribute its digital properties.

Naranya offers OEMs personalized omnimedia formats to entertain and engage with consumers.

Naranya offers OEMs personalized loyalty and sweepstakes formats to entertain and engage with consumers.

With Naranya’s micro-payment platform, OEMs can monetize their digital properties by┬ábilling for the services charging the consumers phone account.

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