Our Story

Naranya is the leading digital innovation studio in Latin America.

Founded in 2002 by Arturo Galván, named by the Wall Street Journal as the Apostle of Internet in Latin America,  and a group of veterans of the dotcom era, Naranya has worked with customers and partners to build new business models, create new revenue streams, gain more consumer insight and reach higher consumer engagement while taking their assets to the digital space.

Our customers are leading companies in telecommunications, new and old media, entertainment brands, consumer brands, retail, education and government entities, looking to transform their business taking advantage of the new digital models and platforms.

With digital innovators with hundreds of years of combined experience in the digital industry, we manage and operate a wide range of digital products and platforms to help our customers to innovate in sales, marketing, new businesses and customer insight and engagement.

You can count on close to 100+ innovative minds and operations in 17 Latin American countries to transform your company into the digital economy.

Our history


After merging its prior Internet company to Telefónica’s Internet company, Terra, and then launching its IPO in NASDAQ in 1999, Mr. Galván founded Naranya, a start-up designed to innovate around the convergence of mobile and web technology, entertainment and marketing.

2003 - 05

Launched the first Premium SMS service in Latin America.
Alliance with the “Big Brother” reality show, broadcasted by Televisa in Mexico, becoming the first company in LATAM to integrate SMS dynamics to TV shows.
Launch of the first innovative SMS “Interactive TV” offerings.


First Mobile Store in LATAM where consumers downloaded content via SMS messages.

2006 - 08

First Mobile Online Services in Mexico, including Online Games & Dating.
Ligamanía becomes the first official mobile game of the Professional Football League (LFP) in Spain.


First subscription-based App Store with Carrier Billing in LATAM designed for feature phones (95% of the market at the time).

2010 -15

LATAM expansion. Naranya focuses on mobile commerce.
Naranya’s carrier billing network reaches ~85% of the region’s population.

2015 - 16

Launch of Naranya’s micropayment platform Naranya Pay, enabling content providers to charge users via Direct Carrier Billing with more than 27 carriers in the region.

Launch of Naranya Market, the first Android App Store featuring Direct Carrier Billing in LATAM. America Movil becomes its first distributor.

2016 - 2018

Launch of Naranya Ads, Naranya’s own Mobile Advertising Platform.
Launch of Naranya Apps, a family of subscription-based Apps & Games targeting the growing smartphone user base of the region.


Launch of Naranya ADFi, our platform to transform a WiFi Network into a Marketing and Advertising Network enabling Telcos to create a new business model, Retailers to interact and engage with their customers and Government entities to provide free internet to their citizens.

Launch of Adyuz, Naranya Ad Network to help Consumer Brands reach their customers and prospects in a cost efficent way.

Our Geographic Presence

Executive Team

Arturo Galván

Javier Salinas

Ernesto Galván




Serial Entrepreneur with over 30 years of experience in Digital Media. Founded his first digital startup in 1988. Founder of Infosel, the first internet company of the region and the most successful story of the dotcom era in LATAM thanks to its IPO in NASDAQ in 1999. Naranya’s Founder in 2002 and its CEO ever since.

Product & Tech Head for over 30 years. Co-founder of Naranya and its CTO for 15 years. Co-founder of Infosel, the first online media company in LATAM.

Over 10 years in the mobile industry, managing product development, operations and marketing areas. Extensive knowledge of Naranya’s products, services and platforms.

José Manuel Rivera

Gustavo Gutiérrez

Patricia Galván


Strategic Planning Director

Head of Advertising Sales

Over 30 years of experience in the financial sector, 8+ working at Naranya. Diverse internal roles in Strategic Planning, Profitability Analysis, Feasibility Studies, Financial Planning; Legal, Controllership and Treasury Supervision.

Over 25 years of experience in the digital sector, 10+ working at Naranya. Diverse internal roles in technology, marketing, product sales, and customer service.

Almost a decade of experience in sales and business development in the digital space. Relevant knowledge in mobile & digital advertising and its industry. Co-Founder of Naranya Labs and Naranya Ventures, Naranya’s initiatives in the startup ecosystem.

Marcelo Galván

Head of Naranya WiFi

Over 10 years of experience in the mobile industry. Relevant knowledge in mobile marketing, e-Payments, eCommerce and WiFi Solutions in the Digital Ecosystem. High expertise in cultural and regional business practices in the Latin American markets.

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