Transform your WiFi Network into a Marketing & Advertising Platform.

Do you want to digitally engage with your customers while they visit your facilities?

Naranya WiFi is for you!

Allowing you to generate revenues and consumer insight by making any type of marketing campaign through your WiFi network.

How does it work?

Users looking for free WiFi access, can have it!!

  1. The user finds the open WiFi network.
  2. A login screen appears; user’s data may be recollected.
  3. An advertisement is presented.
  4. The user navigates the Internet as usual.
  5. Consumer insight is gathered.
  6. Campaigns can be targeted.

Naranya’s offer

We will

  • Enable your WiFi network to manage marketing campaigns of your company or from third parties.
  • Find advertisers.
  • Manage and execute campaigns.
  • Build and Exploit Consumer Data

You will

  • Generate new revenue.
  • Generate consumer insight.
  • Interact and communicate with your customer.
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